After the birth of my first child 23 years, ago I began to experience severe headaches, headaches that had a severity of pain that I had never felt before. The pain that I felt from these headaches landed me in my doctor’s office. I visited several doctors before I was eventually diagnosed with a common headache know as “migraines”. I was given prescriptions that were too strong or did nothing at all for my pain. The only results that I obtained from these pills were extreme drowsiness or not being able to keep food or beverage down. When I awoke the pain was still there.

As the years passed, the headaches were more frequent. I was unable to function normally. I was unable to tolerate light or sound. The only thing I could do was sleep. I was not able to eat. After learning of a different program through Dr. Middleton, I gave great consideration, although doubtful, to participating in a chiropractic treatment.

I began this program in May 2001 under the careful eyes of Dr. Middleton at the Urban Family Chiropractic Center. Today is August 29, 2001 and I can honestly tell you, I have not experienced anything other than a simple headache that can be erased with the assistance of a simple pain reliever. Life is so much better without the constant pain of a migraine headache. This treatment that I began 4 months ago with a great deal of doubt, has given me relief of excruciating pain that traditional medication and medical treatment was unable to do.

Would I recommend this program to anymone? Yes I most definitely would!! If you experience migraine headaches, this could be the treatment for you. Before exhausting funds on a regular doctors visits and all types of migraine medication, I would recommend trying a more natural approach to permanent pain relief.

E. Moore

On January 3rd, I experienced an onset of pain in my back below my waist that went completely from one side to the other. Immediately it was unbearable! I felt like a machete had literally wacked me across my back. I don’t ever remember screaming with pain like that before, but my husband came running. I thank the Lord he was home.

Through my tears and catching my breath, I told him I had to see Dr Middleton immediately, or go to the emergency room. He called, and shortly I was in the office…. If pain measured from 1 to ten, I’d have to say I was a 10 plus.

The pain literally took my breath away, and it was bad from onset through at least 5 days with no let up. I never want to relive that week again!

Dr. Middleton told me he could help if I closely followed his directions; I agreed to share his plan, even dealing with two disc bulges. I began to feel a little relief on the 6th day. The process seemed slow, but the pain was reseeding more and more each passing day. I do believe I was saved from possible surgery.

It’s now April. I feel better now than I have in 5 years! Little did I know that loading my plate continually and living a stressful life could lead to this episode. I had finally run into the “straw that broke the camel’s back……take care of myself so this will not happen again.

How do I express my thanks to you and your staff for your kindness, understanding and willingness to help me…..I’ll forever be grateful.

The one thing I can do is share with others how the Urban Family Chiropractic Life Center helped me…..

J. Brantley

Hello. My name is Carrie. I came to U.F.C.L.C. through the recommendation of a friend and co-worker. I was and had been seeing the same chiropractor for many years. However I was having an increase in my neck pain and no relief from my current chiropractor. Dr. Middleton gave me a thorough examination which included x-rays of my neck and back……… Dr Middleton discovered I had a problem also contributing to my increased neck pain. He created a treatment plan for me which was the best investment I ever made. I went down to no pain and even ceased to have monthly cramps. Yes a good chiropractor can fix that too! Dr. Middleton is the best chiropractor I have ever met in my life and anyone who has the opportunity to receive his care is Blessed! I have since moved out of town, and like to make appointments when I come through.

C. Boon

The summer of 1974, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in Queens, N.Y. Over a period of time the pain became progressively worse.

From 1977 to 1998,I was under the care of an orthopedic physician. That treatments consisted of:

  • Every new medication that came out for osteo-arthritis
  • Muscle relaxers for spasms
  • Many trips to the emergency rooms on weekends
  • Cortisone Infections in bilateral knees and wrists.
  • Arthroscopic surgery (right) knee
  • Carpal tunnel surgery (right) wrist

And after all this I was constantly in pain and discomfort with 30 plus years of working in the medical field. I really thought my condition would improve, but it did not. Since beginning my treatment with Dr. Singleton at Urban Family Chiropractic Life Center 2 months ago, I have not felt this great in many, many years. I have been educated about my condition and now understand I don’t have to live life suffering.

B. Howard