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About Us

  • Dr.
    Carlton S. Middleton

    As a child, Dr. Carlton Middleton understood to the correlation between physical health, and the ability to perform. He grew up on the heels of a father who was a high school coach and athletic director. “I witnessed a lot of athletes recuperate from injuries over the years. Some very well, and some not so well.” Those experiences gave him an understanding of how a healthy lifestyle can affect everyday function and well-being. “It was only natural for me to be drawn to the healthcare field.”

    Dr. Middleton attended South Carolina State University as a pre-med major, but after discovering chiropractic as an alternative form of healthcare dismissed the notion of medical school. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in professional biology/chemistry, he continued his studies at the Life University, School of Chiropractic. There he earned his doctorate and helped to establish Urban Family Chiropractic LifeCenter in 1996, where he continues to focus on delivering unparalleled wellnesscare throughout the community. Going far beyond just physical joint pain injuries, Dr. Middleton specializes in a process which accurately times the life functions of the body; promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, in addition to physical wellness.

    He serves as an examiner for Part IVof the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners licensing process, and is a licensed minister. He has a growing reputation as one of the leading health and wellness advocates and educators in his community.

    Dr. Middleton and his wife, Tamala, reside in Savannah, Georgia with their three children, Carl IV, Hannah, and Zoe.

  • Dr.
    Connie Lynch Singleton

    When Dr. Connie Singleton is asked why she chose chiropractic as a career, her response is, “I believe chiropractic chose me.” Before her junior year in college, Dr. Singleton had never even heard of chiropractic, let alone knew anyone who had visited one. “My father is in the chemistry profession, and my undergrad degree is chemistry,” says Dr.Singleton. “As I got closer to my senior year in college, I began interning at a chemical plant, and I found the longer I was there, the more I questioned my chosen career.”

    Dr. Singleton began exploring a new career track by visiting various post graduate programs. She looked into many opportunities, but nothing impressed her more than the chiropractic program in which she observed students with passion like nothing she had ever seen before. She wanted that same feeling. “The rest is history, and I know without a doubt that I made the right decision,” adds Dr. Singleton.

    Chiropractic allows Dr. Singleton to communicate about the importance of taking responsibility for one's health. “I believe that once Mom and Dad understand how to be more in tune with their own bodies, they are then better equipped at raising children who will be able to do the same, from a very young age.”

    Dr. Singleton attended Savannah State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry/mathematics. She continued her studies at the Life University, School of Chiropractic, earning a doctorate. She helped to establish Urban Family Chiropractic Life Center in 1996, where he continues to focus on delivering unparalleled wellness care throughout the community. From newborn infants to elderly, Dr. Singleton and her team have helped thousands of individuals to reach, and maintain optimum levels of health.

    She serves her community through mentoring, and outreach programs. She serves her profession as an examiner for Part IV of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners licensing process, and as a former member of the Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Also, Dr. Singleton is an engaging educator,sharing the benefits of a health and wellness lifestyle with individuals and families throughout the community.

    Dr.Singleton and her husband, Kenneth, reside in Savannah Georgia with their two daughters, Kenya and Kelli.


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  • "Urban Family is our primary care physician because they work at curing a person. Excellent service and we get results. Try it and you will see!"
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    Thanks to the UFC team for excellent customer care!"
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